Top 40 Singles December 2013 (Full Songs)

Top 40 Singles December 2013 (Full Songs)

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MusicReproduction says:

Interested in having one of your created songs in our next video? Message
me on facebook at ! :D

MusicReproduction says:

Thanks for the 16k Subs <3

layla redkettle says:

I love best song ever by One Direction and lolly Major Ali

Sijs94 says:

Am I the only one who is confused how this is the top 40 of december 2013
when the video is uploaded on the 4th of november?

Indri Nymas says:

tell me what song after avicii wake me up

sprint702 says:

this is so nice!


awesome :D

Maychon Missery says:

somehow all the songs to me fell like the main ideas could be the same

silvana do rocio azambuja dos santos says:


Brian KIM says:

Why is this not allowed on mobile?

crystal sparks says:

list of song because some of the I have not heard.

Mitesh Jain says:

awesome list

Neha spatika says:

40 singles december 2013!!!

Tjorn De coninck says:

really,keep going!

GamerQueenzToTheMax says:

^_^ ^3^ ^o^ Love!

john doe says:

i like # 4

robby hakim says:


supakrit dualkoksung says:

Tell me what is first song?

leo coassin says:

c coic music de merde

jorge hernandez says:

dont fine

Georgia Moschou says:

best song ever ♥♥♥

dee grim says:

sorry dont like

jazz ash says:

awesome songs……….

Devin Hinton says:

awsome songs

Rory White says:

This is extremely helpful

Jana JANDA Kurčíkova says:

palec hore 🙂 hahaha :-)))

D flo says:

I love your songs, but it would be awesome if you can put the name on the
screen for each song

Branden Dupre says:

Great pick of songs

Sarah Schiller says:

Jeremy Alexander says:

You’re going to hear me roar!!!!!!!!!!

pakijew4 says:

whats the name of song starts at 10:40 ????? any one please??

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