Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 2013 – Todd’s Pop Song Reviews

Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 2013 – Todd’s Pop Song Reviews

Even in the worst years for pop music, the gems stand out. SUBSCRIBE: http:/…

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Nightbane says:


leonardoflorentin says:

I do not know most of them, Is this a North American list??

Nikolas Marsh says:

I Was liking the list, until One Direction came up. Seriously FUCK THIS

Will Forrester says:

I cannot WAIT until Twitter falls out of fashion so we don’t have songs
with fucking pound signs in them.

GeoNeilUK says:

Always loved Daft Punk

Thomas Poole says:


Dan Gurney says:

number 2: The first time I heard that song I knew it had to make Todd’s
best list. but I didn’t think it was going to be that high on the list! 

AlexJamesGTV says:

didn’t he also like radioactive? 

ArkStudioVids says:

Nice number one. I would have placed that right along side of Justin
Timberlake’s Take Back the Night.. as my top faves this last year..

RedSimba says:

Great list! I like many of these songs

mgabrysSF says:

I guess Sigur Ross isn’t “pop” enough but damn.

Annie Keller says:

Lorde didn’t make the list. What is life.

TheEliteTristann says:

As much as i hate macklemore, he has some seriously catchy songs.

Maryxus says:

Your commentary on “Do What U Want” is actually what you’ll find behind a
lot of the music on ARTPOP, but it doesn’t become really apparent until you
combine them with the performances. This latest album may lack the
candidness and humanity of Born This Way, but it’s a cleverly crafted
commentary on the state of the pop industry veiled behind a sheer of
ostensible acceptance of its whims and slickly polished music.

Considering how disappointed I was when I first heard it, it was surprising
to realize this after watching the performance you used for the song o_o

MrFreeForAll25 says:

Mariah. Carey. Sucks. Come at me, bro.

Tori Bastia says:

*clicks video* Oh boy! What’s the number 1 song going to be? *gets to
number 1 song* Yup, probably should’ve seen this coming.

Joaquin Galarza says:

what does the fox say? just saying

promisedeyes says:

I’ve got to agree with a lot of these choices– “Suit and Tie” particularly
is great!

Marco Colonna says:

Todd are you a Nazgul?

Noah Griffith says:

No offense but Suit and Tie really should have been in 2nd place. The thing
is Suit and Tie really is better then Treasure. The thing with Timberlake
is he’s not paying homage with every single song like Bruno. When you hear
Timberlake sing it feels like he actually wants to be there not because he
has to fulfill some contractual obligation but because he loves making
music and when I hear Bruno Mars its just another cash in to make a quick

MIKE D. says:

WTF wake me up should of been on the list…. #Avicii 

Chris andrews says:

Fuck yeah! Daft Punk FTW. Right choice for number 1.

Andres Becerra Rodriguez says:

One direction…. you dissapoint me…

TheDestroyerComics says:

Also, if you like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis you should really check out
their full album “The Heist” it’s a great hip-hop album in an age where
hip-hop seems to be dying :C

BlackJackel12 says:

It’s sad how a lot of the good songs this year were either denouncing
modern pop songs or throwbacks to better decades of music.

behawiorystka98 says:

hey don’t dispose of consumed alcohol by vomiting because alcohol
is absorbed directly to our circulatory system and doesn’t go through the
digestive system. 

Dylan Swanson says:

macklemore made a great song, thriftshop. it was new, different, had a good
beat.. it was just a good song! and then he came back and made a even
better song, cant hold us. but then he shot himself in the foot with same

Alan Gu says:

No Imagine Dragons? Unsubscribed

Mitchell Friend says:

Todd, what is your opinion on Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan – do you
agree with Rolling Stone magazine that it is one of the greatest songs ever
made? or do you have your separate opinion?

Selim Çelik says:

Agree with the list totally especially number 1. That song has every excuse
to be a classic song from this era in the future. But seriously One

tchae G says:

huh just noticed the crazy guy with the knife at the beginning

Kamryn Gray says:

I will write a song about Hoody weather just because it’ll be the best song
ever, it’ll be even better then Striped Sweater by Spongebob Squarepants 

Thepspguy2012 says:

I agree with you, Daft Punk is my favorite band EVER!!

Antoine David says:

You … humm you forgot about Beyonce … LIKE F***ING GROWN WOMAN

Travis Bewley says:

So I guess The Killers count as rock?

Azure Fire says:

Monster intro YEAH!!!!

Tom SelleckBeatz says:

mackelmore reminds me of classified rip off, except class has more class (=

Zachary Long says:

Anyone else think Foxes looks a lot like Zooey Deschanel?

Gore Splattered Sly Crab says:

I thought he said he liked them both, and didn’t want to choice between the

AuzzieMuffin says:

Todd is now my favorite. Daft Punk is master race.

breadordecide says:

Wow so many back handed compliments. 

Eric Suarez says:

What about counting stars

satranifan says:

Don’t be hard on yourself Todd…Justin has suede bottom shoes on!

Kitch Cast says:

I expected that song to be number 1…

McPluto says:

Random Access Memories IS the best album of 2013, and one of my new
favourites of all time, and NOBODY can convince me otherwise. 

roxyqueen2 says:

hmm, we heard that Mariah Carey song a lot in the UK. and I didn’t even
know it was her (my bad)

DaftRyosuke says:

As a long time Daft Punk fan, I’m always happy to see them top out the
year, but, Get Lucky is hardly the best song on their new album. I wish
some of their other songs would gets some airtime.

pedro huerta says:

dude you have to talk about the one hit wonder of baby bash, sugar sugar 

girldetective18 says:

I’m pumped “Drank” is on this list.

MrChaos says:

I woudl have but lights by Ellie Golding on this list if it was me but she
is a good british singer and I am British so.

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