Super Hit Songs By Anju Pant Part-1

Super Hit Songs By Anju Pant Part-1

Super Hit Songs By Anju Pant Part-1.

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krishna virkata says:

touched my heart

lal cape says:

very good song

Lokendra Shah says:

nice songs

Prem Bahadur Rana says:

very nice song

yaman baglung says:

so nice

Ashok Mafar says:

Its true aall of songs

kitne mohabatt hai says:

I love this song very much

Madan Thapa says:

nice songs anju panta

Amrit Rijal says:

Heart touching songs are in this album… So beutiful songs…..

kavi raj says:

Nice song .

Laxe Gronig says:

Damizzzzz song

purna rai says:

my best singer anju panta

gobinda panday says:

Amazing sing

jems tm says:

Nice colletion

Harilal Giri says:

Heart touchable song.

Mohan Aryal says:


Agro Machinery says:

Beautiful songs

gaurav g.v says:

nice song heart touching…

punam chaudhary says:

nice songs

Ranamagar Bhim says:

Bhim rana

min sunuwar says:


Mani Vannan says:

Heard touch,,,,,,,,,,,,

Gokul kuwar says:

nice i like it

raju don says:

very very very nice song touch my heart……….


very nice heart bit song thank panta ji

Aashis Bishunkhe says:

anju panta…………….

Ganesh Gurung says:

lovely songs

lokenkhatri142 says:

I drink with you(anju)

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