Romantic Hits OF Kishore Kumar – Jukebox – [Audio Songs] Evergreen Bollywood Collection

Romantic Hits OF Kishore Kumar – Jukebox – [Audio Songs] Evergreen Bollywood Collection

This album contains 10 of Kishore Kumars greatest romantic hits of all time. Sing along to these tunes and dedicate them to that girl you’ve liked for a whil…

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aef azad says:

so nice hindi song 

Ranjan Pati says:

old is gold if one introspect it not suitable for materialistic fellows

balraj bodhankar says:

very very memorable songs of kishore kumar

Priya Bisht says:

Romantic Hits OF Kishore Kumar

sanjay shah says:

Bedt in world

nitin ahuja says:

nice melidious ever green songs

Nalini Kanth V says:

Itna mithaas !!! Itna madhur !!!

Mike Tester says:

Roop tera mastana the best one so far

Prashant Bhise says:


Manjeet Bimra says:

the flow of music is taking the feelings from heart to heart. Lovely music
by sd burman and picturlised on Dev anand and vaijanti mala. Really
jewel’s thief.

ranjit Ghosh says:

very romantic &yong generatic song.

Rashmi Jani says:

Unbeatable , voice it is only GOD gift!!

rajinder singh charak says:

Kishore Da your memorable songs are unforgettable for all of us………

nirbhay singh says:

w,t a romantic voice of kishor da….i love yr all song of kishor
da…….thank u

syed abbas says:

NYC songs

Sree Kanth says:

Ever lasting voice of Kishore Da love ur voice and ur songs.

Chandan Dube says:

Very nice

Anupam Raturi says:

All time Gr8,the best till date,no one can replace him,

swarna Hari says:

beautiful songs

Harish Kumar says:

good songs evergreen impact

Kishor Chirke says:

Very good collection.what a nice and great songs

Sheikh Nasir Jamil says:

Kishore Kumar All time greatest singer


Beutyful song

Bhojendra Bajracharya says:

Good sobgs

Utsav Paul Chaudhary says:

Utsav Paul Chaudhary
Kishore Da we miss u very much, you are always no. 1,

Jitensinh Matieda says:

It’s unforgettable songs of kishorda..

Bharti Joshi says:

Old is Gold

hari bhoomi says:

Thank You Very Much for Uploading…Person

Juhi Modi says:


Amit Gupta says:

Fantastic subhash maner

CMOTPT sarkar says:

I hate Kishore Kumar and his parents who ill treated Madhubala , the
greatest beauty created by God. So these days I am not listening to his

Ayana Roy says:

Wow….i luv all songs

ravi birla says:

Lovely song

Prashant Bhise says:


Chandan Dube says:

Very nice

surgefast says:

And all these GEMS from an un-trained singer. Only a GENIUS can do this and
HE WAS, IS and FOREVER WILL be remembered for his GOLDEN VOICE. We all miss

Mike Tester says:

Does anyone no when he passed on to the next life?

Mike Tester says:

Been listening to rafi mukush and how could i miss out kishore

kudariss says:

ever green all time great singer

debdasnag24 says:

I love klshorkumarsong till my death

rkbabu Jalna says:


Mathangi Srinivasan says:

Excellent! No words to describe! Thanks!

E. Elanko says:

yep man. celebrities have gone crazy. fans got shocked when katrina kaif
smashed on the film director in public. she must be mad. you can also watch
it here >->

Ashok Sukhyani says:


Bubai Chakraborty says:

very good song.

Chandan Acharyya says:

Super duper collection… Kishore da Jindabd…long live

veera venkata chalapathi Korlepara says:

really we miss u kishore da a great collection evergreen collection

Tarun Goyal says:

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