Hit Songs of 2000

Hit Songs of 2000

Following on from an amazing year 1999, the year 2000 had a lot to live up to when it came to music but it did not disappoint ­čÖé

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oddballmatt says:

god everything is mass produced and shoved up our asses nowadays…. I’m
just glad I’m old enough to know the world I’m living in sucks compared to
how it used to be´╗┐

OoxTruExoO says:

Anybody have the time to put these in a YouTube playlist? I would greatly
appreciate it and would award you with 4 whole internets. ´╗┐

MeesterWolf99 says:

The year of Napster… look at the industry fall apart overnight´╗┐

Nitrozzy7 says:

…When hits actually sounded good.´╗┐

flexor212000 says:

This reminded me just how shitty pop music was in 2000.´╗┐

Unguidedone says:

music was so much higher quality back in the day :´╗┐

Thomas Juma says:

The kind of music that just didn’t make you move, but gave you goose bumps
the first time you heard them on the radio.´╗┐

burnzy3210 says:

tl;dr people used to put effort into making music´╗┐

amazingbollweevil says:

Wow. I was alive in 2000, but from that list I recognize only three songs
and watched only one of the videos. What the hell drugs was I on back then?´╗┐

Audrina Hasegawa says:

The 11 year old me knew all the lyrics.

TMAH says:

It’s weird. Around this time, when you looked at stuff from the 90’s, you
could see it was dated and you thought when you looked back at the 2000’s,
it’d always look the same. That’s clearly not right now. ´╗┐

notimetoexplain says:

everything here’s shit except Aaliyah. rest in peace´╗┐

Eric Morrison says:

Who knew Sacha Baron Cohen was friends with Madonna..´╗┐

Slade Markham says:

360p..I don’t miss the old days´╗┐

GreetTheSacredCow says:

Filter, Third Eye Blind and Blink 182. Fuck yes!´╗┐

Joe Orsak says:

Everything after Vertical Horizon (1:44) until Nine Days (7:44) sounds the
same… plastic.´╗┐

Jeremy Kean says:

Wow, all of these came out when I was 5 years old. The craziest thing is, I
can’t remember the lyrics to 90% of them, but I immediately recognize these

I wonder what that means for how humans develop language.´╗┐

David Pham says:

Makes me wonder wtf happened to Britney. She looked great in her youth.´╗┐

tbrowniscool says:

Pre Hipster was good. Toni Braxton has the sexiest voice´╗┐

WeNeedBiggerGuns says:

Even the shitpop was bearable back then…´╗┐

Kagemusha08 says:

Bubblegum R&B, watered-down alternative rock, synchronized dancing, frosted
tips and white pants. Lots of fucking white pants. It’s amazing what one
year and a single terrorist attack can do to pop culture.´╗┐

INCC74656I says:

the memories… this video did remind me how FUCKING MIND BLOWINGLY HOT
Christina Aguleria is. some of the music back then was good, i think the
argument could be made that more effort is put into the words in most songs
from back in the day compared to now days. perhaps also that the singers
who “made it” had more talent than some of the singers we have today but
the audio processing and auto tune has made the ability to sing a back seat

Pierre Conrad says:

“Take a Picture” is the jam.´╗┐

Sam Petrie says:

Dammit Madonna´╗┐

MickeRamone says:

Thank god for Blink 182, saving this list´╗┐

FazerAddict says:

WOW unbelievable, its been 14 years of crappy music already. When is it
going to end??´╗┐

Stricker says:

like this if you’re old and stupid because you recognise this as music to
be nostalgic about and worth remembering ´╗┐

Samantha Manville says:

Can’t wait for the next one! I have had such a fun trip down memory lane
this morning! :D´╗┐

William Dow says:

lol oh shit its Ali G in a Madonna video´╗┐

Oskar Thomas says:

Wow… turns out the music of my teenage years sucked.´╗┐

TheSydrek says:

You guys do realize you sound exactly like your own parents most likely ?

And please as if the majority of the songs in this video weren’t mass
produced generic pop bullshit… you really need to be naive to believe

Granted it’s still miles better then the generic Bieber shit…´╗┐

Brandon G says:

Fuckin’ A, I recognize every single last one of these songs. High school…
listening to the Top 40 radio… nostalgia. It’s weird, because I really
like who I am now, more than I did back then. But the feeling I get is that
I want to go back and do it over again, differently. Maybe I should think
about how I’ll feel 14 years from now, and use this as my chance to “do it
over again” right now. ´╗┐

Adam Hayward says:

“Music was so much better back then” Are you kidding me?! Pretty much all
of this is trash. Nostalgia is playing with your head. Good and bad music
isn’t dependant on time, (unless you like a specific genre that was popular
at a certain time). Plenty of good music out in 2000. None of it shown here

Sir Dickard Esq III says:

D’aww, Aaliyah. :(´╗┐

nothingemo says:

God. Most of these songs remind me of every horrible day I worked at Subway
during the summer of 2001. I was 17.´╗┐

Evan Collins says:

This filters out much of the terrible, bland music from the year, of which
there is plenty. That’s pretty much how nostalgia works, so I’m just
reminding everyone not too judge the present music scene so harshly, in
10-20 years we will most likely look back fondly at (some) of the hit songs
of today. This is partly due to the fact that we will forget the
forgettable, and will have had some time away from oversaturated radio
play. That being said, objectively I do prefer these songs (I have a
penchant for cheesiness, which seems to be less prevalent now). ´╗┐

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