[HD] US Top 40 Songs (Full Length) – Billboard Singles By September 2013

[HD] US Top 40 Songs (Full Length) – Billboard Singles By September 2013

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Odalys LealGarza says:

OK um oh did y’all heard the song ROAR from KATY PERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Razorblade Ace says:


Ryan Shah says:

i know this is a typo but for wrecking ball it says wrecking bal just for a

Ivan Eduardo Reyes Viveros says:

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LaDY GAGA APPLAUSE

Wartune Mage says:

if u heard can’t hold us.. was picked bst song of 2013

TheKanaxBrothers says:

Nice bro :P

Brittnee Pasillas says:

I hear this before everything…..HELLYEA!

Lindsey Swensson says:

None of these songs were good

Angela Singh says:

Bravo (: 

Allie Buronnes says:

y’all gotta hear this google+ people. also type up top 40 singles december
|(full songs) it’s good too we heard it in my class at school

Heinz Marx says:


Linkolnverse says:

… I lost interest at the 2nd song.

Aktanay Kwazdran says:

Some good song

KHALED says:


Jack Chamoun says:

Someone please tell me why gas pedal is 33? WTF???

I lost 812 subscribers accidentally... Video coming soon about it says:

hell ya

Paul Bronola says:

Wheres “Let it Go” form Frozen??!

Oscar Vazquez says:

I live for the A P P L A U S E!

Britney Laatsch says:

I fall asleep with this

Alek Amini-Holmes says:

Oh yeah, it’s 2014! :P

Paulo Duarte Ramos says:

Great Record Sound !

Ryan Guanipa says:

How is the best song ever even number 20? 0.o

Kyle Raza says:

Love all the songs!

jennifer cronin says:

What a wonderful, accepting and song of Love!

Fabian Martinez says:

Why is bezerk 38

Sarai Sanchez says:

i don’t think it’s in order… it doesn’t say it is at least.. lol

Shavon Ramos says:

Lol (last comment)

jalal aldeen says:

all i heard that “i just wanted to break ur balls ” and im like what..

LT0810 says:

Where’s Dark Horse by Katy Perry?!? 

twist yee says:

my favorite love it …

Christian Lameda says:

Bambie Silva says:


Piper Lane says:

Awsome songs

Im Yeezus says:

Selena Gomez is bae tho

sandra bantaculo says:

Nice songs

Nicole Nightingale says:

Love ya

מוריאל בדיאן says:


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