Evergreen Dev Anand Hits – Part 2 – Best of Dev Anand Songs

Evergreen Dev Anand Hits – Part 2 – Best of Dev Anand Songs

Aasman Ke Neeche – Jewel Thief – 0:00:17 Panna Ki Tamana Hai – Heera Panna – 0:05:02 Kaanchi Re Kaanchi Re – Hare Rama Hare Krishna – 0:11:14 Khoya Khoya Cha…

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rajinder singh charak says:

Dev Sahib was the most handsome and good looking personality of his era in
bollywood history…..

Neelam Sehgal says:


Shamir Das says:

Thank you for upload….

purutoke says:

Dev saab of black and white era was unbeatable ! Simply great !

venkatagandhi mongam says:

All time Hero Devanand sweet memories .Golden hits

deepu cherukur says:

manpasand songs

Sandeep Geddam says:


Vikas Sharma says:

I love dev anand songs

Vasant Joshi says:


James Bond says:

evergreen and amazing songs

Hemant Shah says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

D K Sharma says:

Evergreen Devanand Hits

Vikas Sharma says:

I love dev anand songs

drsumantr says:

30:22 Nobody can play MouthOrgan like that ,, running around ,,,

Sash Doha says:

Excellent collection! Really enjoyed!

Sujit Das says:


Anand Gupta says:

He was Indian Tom Cruise

Maria Rodrigues says:

Thanks for sending so nice was his acting

Anil Aggarwal says:

people who they copy you are fool. can they copy your style and dialouge
delivery. kya baat di aapki. Dear all plz stop coping Devji He was a actor
of his own style

Syed Iqbal says:

due to panna(beloved) i love this song, because she always used to sing it
for me.

Mohd Ali says:

really supper songs

Suvrajit Bhattacharya says:

wonderful, excellent ,awesome,superb, mind blowing

Archinarayan Roy Choudhury says:

Dev sahab is Immortal and leaves an indelible mark in my heart. As and when
I listen to a S.D.Burman composed song the fond memory glimses

Priyaranjan Prasad says:

gr8 collection but i want guide song also……

ssfaps says:

RD, Lata, Kishore, Dev — Amazing combination. Lata’s voice sounds the best
ever in Panna Ki Tamanna.

Nitin Kumar says:

have you any idea, where are you spamming with your message? Idiot!

Prem Thakoer says:

like it,nice print

Syed Iqbal says:

this is one of the most favourite song, whenever i heard it, started crying

Hari Narayanan says:

golden classical blessed actor —-golden songs —-by golden classical
singers —i like very much — i enjoy —delightful —thanks for posting

Bhaskar Mazumdar says:

Dev Anand – branded as “EVERGREEN HERO” – he lived upto his reputation and
was one who seldom got into controversies.

Mohan Udiavar says:

rafi saab could have worked wonders and made the song really memorable

parth upadhyay says:

Tom Cruise is american Dev Anand

Krishna Kumar says:

Great collection of songs….!

Harun Banedar says:

Dev Saheb songs are really “Anand” to hear. God has given him right name.
may his soul rest in peace.

Shahlla St cyr says:

M.Rafi jee all his songs are the best

gulabh says:

Dev had style. The best movies he made were his brother vijay Anand. He
picked the best women and lyrics. I will always love him.

Maria Rodrigues says:

I was looking this song so many times kanch re kanch thank so much


nobody can replace his style and mannerism. Enchanting melodies.

anil kumar akalankam says:

I owe my thanks for this songs,ever greateful

Mahendra Dave says:

My fab

hansinimaya surroop says:

the ever rare seeing beauty of the oldies…. wo00hh mind blowing …. from
start to the end ones cannot stop siinging theses lovely songsss..

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