Coldplay best songs and hits

Coldplay best songs and hits

Follow coldplay discography in chronological order. Only the finest songs. note: i do not own the materials. songs can be purchased on itunes, amazon etc. ch…

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Pedro Barbedo says:


MC Square says:

All good songs except Viva la vida!

Benjamin Obi says:

everything is legikt but your a little lackluster in the viva la vida
album, add cemeteries of london and violet hill, and yes is rather

Enny Sayago says:

*Excelente <3*

Pancho284 says:

what is the song at 39:00 ?

Joana T. says:

What is the last song after Viva La Vida ? ;))

Esha Vats says:

*I’ll tattoo Coldplay on my hand*

shed2211 says:

wheres the scientist?

Luca Ferri says:

what is the song at 44,40??

Kevin Andres Gamboa says:

Por favor dime como se llama la canción del minuto 06:05?

Jazmín Jimenez says:

Que canción es la que pasa en el minuto 42:44 ? Porfa

Daniela AF says:

Hey! Incluiste “A rush of blood to the head” y “Politik” en tu video.
¡Finalmente las veo en un compilado!

Excelente =D

ElectricBob 1 says:

i’m surprised how stupid people are in the comments, they must stroll to
the comments and not see the description and be like “oh it has the song
titles here and times aswell” come on guys we’re better than this

Lory Maria Baldovino says:

What The song is at 20:30?? Pelase :3

kit gruelle says:

What is the song at 21:31?

Nicolas Manieu says:

and paradise?

gelu souto says:

*Perfecto ♥*

Omer Mikhail Khan says:

This list is good except that “Violet Hill” isn’t there.

Cursed You says:

This is a very bias list

Gaspar Castillo says:

Es mi mejor banda no se mucho ingles pero son geniales espero algun dia
poder verlos en un concierto 

roottruthseeker says:

We never change, Warning sign

fatima villavicencio says:

I love my favorite starts


Beautiful song for our world spread more love which creates more peace &
harmony in our beautiful world *thsnk you ColdPlay

Karo Mccluley says:

youtube has gone bonkers with all those commercials – nutters!

Mabel Artsfreak says:

are the songs like a short clip of the whole song or the whole song itself
connected to another?

alvaro gomez says:

amo a coldplay


maravilhosas músicas de COLDPLAY!!!!!!!

Silvia Souza says:
Mahalakshmi F says:

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 don't need words

Liz Leeuwenburgh says:

Shiver is my favorite Coldplay song! 

Marnikx van Dorth says:

still love coldplay! and the best part is that they work with heisenberg :3
( jk look at the picture )

ricardoroman roman says:

como se llama la primera cancion?

antonio lima teixeira says:

Está entre as melhores!

fabienik says:

I like COLDPLAY but they sound like REM. Nothing so newly…..

Johnny Walker says:

Square one ?

Melisa Murcia says:

cual es la primera canción?

Kathleen McDougall says:

What if I want to know what song is playing? Can I changes a setting to
show this?

Sergo Abbet says:

best way to awakes good….

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