Best of Mohammad Rafi Songs Vol 1 | Mohd. Rafi Top 10 Hit Songs | Old Hindi Songs

Best of Mohammad Rafi Songs Vol 1 | Mohd. Rafi Top 10 Hit Songs | Old Hindi Songs

Mohammad Rafi was an Indian recording artist who is considered by many to be one of the greatest Indian playback singers of the Hindi film industry. Track Na…

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radha tiwari says:

Unforgetable songs …

Ajukhara khan says:

Beautiful…best ever.

Balbir Singh Chauhan Rajput says:


riya beckham says:

Awesome songs

sandeeptalari talari says:

i love it

Rumana Khanom says:

Very nice all song 

Ajukhara khan says:

Beautiful…best ever.

srinath vishnu says:

One of the best singers India ever had. A good human being. He will be
evergreen in the memories of generations to come.

neeta tahir says:

All song very nice 

Hari Regmi says:

Rafi saheb will reign in the hearts of millions for ages!


Aawaz Andaz aur Alfaz M.Rafl aaj bhi dillon par karta hai raj

anvar abdurehman says:

Rafi saheb the gift of god

Corey Pannu says:

Bravo, the Best!

M Ridza says:

No doubt..Rafie is the great singer that Indian Cinema ever had..

Arshid Hussain says:

rafi sahab key bare main kya baat kare ye to sooraj ko dikhane k barabar
hoga zindabad rafi sahab rafi sahab hamare dilon me zinda hai

annaji rao says:

Super collection


Rafisab aap raheti dunya take zinda rahoge app amaretto ho

Hassan K.P. says:

The great singer and human being. His name and his melodious songs will
remain in the hearts of all music lovers of this world.

Sarjit Kaur says:


Mukesh Pugalia says:

You just can’t stop admiring the legend!!

chatt31 says:

Best lyrics and tunes went to Rafi. He always did the same boring treatment
to his songs. What is laughable is people compare him to Manna Dey. Rafi
simply was out of his element in difficult songs. Name one taan that he has
sung himself. Even in Madhuban me Radhika, his apologst Naushadali, got
Ustad Niyaz Ahmed Khan to sing the taans. Rafi could not. Compare Manna Dey
with Pt Bhimsen Joshi in Ketaki Gulab.
Only in Bombay can true talent be ignored in favor of Mafia gangsterism.

Laljibhai Baldania says:

No one can beat Rafi Saheb in singing melodious songs. Heart touching.

khurram okarv says:

Rafi sab ko allah pak ne bary rasily awaz se nawaza tha un ky song dil ko
choo jaty hen ag bhi har manzar me fit hen mery Dua he All pak unky
maghfirat farmaeyn AAAmeen

aru kan says:

wonderful collection!

Aleem Sohail says:

Simply matchless. 

anjana verma says:

Rafisahab is best

aslam hundekari says:

Sada Bihar singer…Rafi shab jai sa koi singer
Nahi hai our naa aayai gaa. Yai kudrat ki
Dean thi.


Wonderful !!

Ashok Bhagwat says:

wow, realy very wounderfull collation

PaPaShArM FbI says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

anvar abdurehman says:

Great rafi saheb magnificant voice

anjana verma says:

Rafisahab is best

Blal Al says:


Anil Singh says:

The Emperor among singers..Shahenshah

Blal Al says:


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